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Towards a sustainable future, starting now.

We are committed to supporting our Eco-responsible Committee in its functions and to allocating the resources necessary to achieve the objectives of the Eco-responsible Strategic Plan. Management will evaluate the progress of the Strategic Eco-Responsible Plan at least once a year, make the necessary adjustments to facilitate its implementation, and ensure the link with its business strategy.

We are also committed to complying with the legal requirements of the countries and territories in which we operate.

Our Strategic Orientations

Build an innovative, regenerative and fulfilling organizational culture for employees

At Groupe Inspire, we integrate eco-responsible practices into every stage of our projects. We train our employees to be innovative and reward their innovative contributions. Our volunteer policy supports social causes aligned with our values. Each employee benefits from a personalized development plan to reinforce the skills required for our eco-responsible initiatives. In addition, we have set up a Health and Safety Committee to ensure a safe working environment. Last but not least, we are continuing our commitment to Ecoresponsible Certification to maintain and improve our environmental standards.

Developing and cultivating committed, supportive and sustainable communities

We cultivate engaged and supportive communities by creating and deploying impactful experiences for our tenants. We are developing a network of customers dedicated to recycling materials, thus promoting a circular economy. In addition, we are initiating discussions on the introduction of green leases to encourage more sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices within our properties.

Promote eco-responsible practices from project design to completion

We are committed to promoting eco-responsible practices from the design to the realization of our projects. To this end, we are formalizing a responsible sourcing policy and creating a network of suppliers who share our ecological ambitions. We train our teams in sustainable development and adopt best practices to combat digital pollution. In addition, we implement eco-responsible practices to minimize the environmental impact of our new projects.

Consolidate the positive impact business model across all our projects

Our goal is to consolidate a positive-impact business model. We aim to improve our financial visibility while publicizing our commitments to sustainable development, both on our website and in the media.

Why do we do it?

Protecting our planet

In response to the UN’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, we are determined to play an active role in protecting the environment. Our ESG commitment is designed to reduce our ecological footprint and promote eco-responsible practices at all levels of our organization.

Supporting our communities

We believe in creating strong, committed and supportive communities. By cultivating lasting relationships with our partners and contributing to the well-being of our neighbors, we aim to strengthen the social and economic fabric of the regions where we operate.

Ensuring a prosperous future

By integrating sustainable practices into our business model, we are preparing our company to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our ESG action plan helps us to anticipate economic and environmental changes, while ensuring the sustainability and growth of our company for future generations.

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