Groupe Inspire

Sébastien Gariépy


For more than a decade, Sébastien Gariépy has been invested in various real estate projects. Curious by nature, he quickly wanted to learn more about all share classes and the different ways to create value. By making several types of investments, while creating a major evaluation and consulting firm, he has developed a unique multidisciplinary expertise, a vast network of contacts, in addition to an in-depth knowledge of the different market niches. Today, he focuses on inspiring projects that improve the quality of buildings and the well-being of their occupants.

Groupe Inspire

Anne Roireau

Executive director

After working in several industries, including more than ten years in the construction industry, Anne made the leap into real estate, a field that has always captivated her. Having held various roles within large organizations, she has successfully managed multidisciplinary groups and developed a range of skills in operations management. Recognized for her positive leadership, very close to teams and clients, this inspired manager is not afraid to get hands-on and directly test methods in order to move projects forward. Optimization, innovation, well-being and organizational development are at the center of his daily concerns. Her goal ? Contribute to developing best practices while actively participating in the company's growth strategy.

Groupe Inspire

Josée Dufour

Administrative Assistant

Holding a DCS in Administration and 17 years of experience within an insurance company as an agent and assistant, Josée knows the ins and outs of administrative management. Proactive, rigorous and organized, she provides valuable support to the entire team. Josée actively participates in the performance of our group and gladly embraces the challenges presented by a dynamic, actively growing company.

Groupe Inspire

Florence Pesneau

Property manager

Florence Pesneau brings more than 20 years of professional experience to the Inspire Group. Having started her career in the tourism and luxury hotel sectors, she was also a vacation rental manager in a prestigious French seaside resort. Always keen to develop her training, she has in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge tools for real estate management and operation, in addition to being on the lookout for economic issues related to corporate profitability. In addition, her great talents as a communicator allow her to build and maintain caring relationships with clients, while remaining attentive to their specific needs.

Groupe Inspire

Marilyne Dugal Beaunoyer

Accounting Technician

Marilyne has more than 10 years of experience in accounting. She worked as an accounting technician in the construction sector, notably for contractors specializing in renovation. In 2021, she branched out into real estate, putting her expertise at the service of rental management companies. Passionate about her work and eager to develop her knowledge, she is currently pursuing her university studies to obtain her CPA designation. Her bright and ingenious spirit makes her a valuable asset to the Inspire Group.

Groupe Inspire

Yannick Cloutier

Project manager

Having worked in the civil engineering and urban infrastructure industry for 17 years, Yannick brings to the Inspire Group recognized and solid expertise in project and team management. Whether in residential, commercial or industrial real estate, he is the conductor who oversees the smooth running of projects, from design to completion of work, including the identification of needs, their execution sequences as well as the cost estimate. A born and visionary leader, proactive and endowed with a great sense of organization, Yannick is always attentive and in search of solutions, capable of carrying out complex and ambitious projects. A team player, motivated by the challenge, the continuous improvement of the buildings and the well-being of the occupants, he puts all his passion at the service of the ambitions of his partners.

Groupe Inspire

Marilyne Gingras

Financial analyst

Marilyne has10 years of experience in finance, including 7 years as a financial analyst for various Quebec enterprises. His varied experience brings a new perspective and therefore added value to our various projects. His role within the Inspire Group focuses on the analysis of projects and the market factors that can influence them. In addition, she is responsible for developing analysis and performance tools for the entire group.

Groupe Inspire

Salah Diaba

Accounting technician

With a bachelor's degree in accounting science and a passion for new technologies, Salah is an asset to the team. He has more than 15 years of experience in accounting for large companies in the food industrie and energy sectors. Salah is organized, open-minded, attentive and hard-working. It promotes a human and established approach to everyday life.

Groupe Inspire

Christelle Raposo

Accounting technician

Christelle is one of our accounting experts with over 15 years of experience! She comes from various sectors such as the automotive industry and the fashion industry. She is fascinated by the real estate industry which she finds stimulating and evolving. Environmental issues are very important to her and she is delighted that Groupe Inspire also shares these same values. In addition to her optimistic personality, Christelle has a great capacity to adapt as well as an unparalleled understanding of business issues.


The success of Inspire Group is based on strategic partnerships as well as an efficient multidisciplinary team. This solid foundation is the reason why we experience sustainable growth and success in our many projects.