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Groupe Inspire is much more than a real estate development company !

A passionate and commited team, a collective of talents that share a common vision: to make a tangible difference in the world around us.  

Each member of our team brings their unique expertise, creativity and dedication to bring our structuring projects to life. Together, we are a united force that pushes boundaries, innovates and constantly seeks to raise standards.  

At Groupe Inspire, we celebrate the differences that make our team diverse and dynamic. From analytical to creative minds, we passionately collaborate to create sustainable and inspiring communities. 

Sébastien Gariépy

President – CEO

Sebastien is a visionary, deploying the necessary resources for the development & success of our various real estate projects. Driven by a strong desire to leave a structuring and responsible legacy for future generations, he makes sure to offer a second life to buildings – all while bringing significant added value to the community. Curious by nature, he loves to develop his knowledge and put it into practice when carrying out projects.

Anne Roireau

Director, Corporate Services

Anne is unifying and dynamic. She is a team player who knows how to put the right conditions in place to ensure the success of our projects. Passionate about innovation and the well-being of the team, she makes sure to align daily actions with the values and purpose of Groupe Inspire.

Olivier Monnais

Director of Real Estate

A passionate and dynamic professional with over 15 years’ experience managing and developing real estate portfolios in the Greater Montreal area, Olivier brings an unwavering commitment and innovative approach to maximizing returns for his clients. Always on the lookout for the latest trends, he is ready to seize every opportunity to successfully achieve our real estate objectives.

Pamela Salgado, CPA

Financial Director

With over 15 years of experience in financial management, our dynamic professional has accumulated valuable expertise along the way. Her specialization in performance evaluation, financial planning, cash management and much more testifies to her deep understanding of financial mechanisms. Her commitment to excellence and ability to adapt quickly to market changes make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Jean-Philippe Rossi

Director of Real Estate Development

With extensive experience spanning over a decade, Jean-Philippe brings a wealth of expertise from previous roles. With a proven history of delivering results and a passion for innovative urban solutions, his track record includes spearheading major projects such as Ilot de la Montagne and 1 Square Phillips, showcasing his ability to oversee large-scale developments with precision.

Yannick Cloutier

Project Manager

Yannick is a Project Manager on our team, overseeing projects from start to finish. His role also includes guiding developments through to the purchase of new buildings. Passionate about a wide variety of tasks, Yannick is a hard-working and dedicated professional, committed to the success of every project he undertakes. Passionate about innovation, Yannick takes his work to heart and brings a contagious energy to the team.

Florence Pesneau

Property Manager

Florence Pesneau, a graduate of the Higher Institute of Tourism in Paris, brings over 20 years’ experience to our team. She excels in project management and customer relations. Passionate about teamwork, she is also recognized for her sense of responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit. Her dynamic contribution and constant commitment make her a valuable asset to our company.

José Lopez

Property Manager

José is the Commercial Property Manager on our team, overseeing our commercial spaces. He plays a crucial role as the link between Groupe Inspire and our tenants, being the point of contact for any issues that may arise. José has a passion for team sharing, and enjoys learning from team members with different backgrounds to his own, as well as from tenants. His loyalty and responsibility make him a person you can count on in all circumstances.

Josée Dufour

Administrive Assistant

Josée is a valuable contributor to our team as administrative support. Her role is to support our team in day-to-day tasks, find tools to improve our work and coordinate various administrative aspects. Passionate about helping others and working as part of a team, Josée appreciates the versatility of her position, which enables her to work in all departments. Her goal is to grow with our company in new and exciting projects.

Joey Boughanem

Marketing Manager

Joey brings an unbridled passion for creation to our team, using his expertise in content creation and marketing to boost Groupe Inspire’s brand image. In addition to this, he provides invaluable support to other departments for leasing initiatives, internal communications and much more. Joey is constantly on the lookout for innovation and likes to push the boundaries to reach new heights.

Christelle Raposo

Accounting Technicien

With almost 20 years of experience in international accounting and finance, numbers hold no more secrets for Christelle. Her attention to detail and exceptional management of accounting tasks and projects make Christelle much more than just our accounting technician. Her smile and motivation are a real ray of sunshine for the team and the company.

Chantal Caron

Accounting Technicien

Chantal is a seasoned accounting technician, bringing solid expertise to our team. With over a decade of experience, she excels at managing finances and maintaining the company’s financial health. Her commitment to her work and her ability to deliver quality results make her a valuable resource for our team.

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